Out of the professional spotlight, I am an avid endurance runner and Kyokushin karateka, competing and training in both sports regularly. A native Californian, I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and son. 

I am an International Speaker, Author, Consultant, Facilitator, and Emotional Intelligence Specialist. I hold accreditations as a Genos Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner, DISC ADVANCED® Accredited Practitioner, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Practitioner, Protégé of the Speakers Institute in Australia, and am the Creator of the BADASS Professional Development Program. 
In 2020, I expanded my skillset in Virtual Facilitation by becoming recognised as a Virtual Facilitation Master Trainer and Train-the-Trainer program implementer. I have also gained recognition as a Virtual Keynote Presenter and speak frequently at virtual events globally on the topics of emotional intelligence, nonverbal intelligence, leadership development, and self-mastery. 


I run professional development and business coaching programs face-to-face across Australia and globally online and have seen exceptional results in executive and team leadership, sales and financial performance, conflict and relationship management, resilience, and workplace safety statistics. In 2017-19, I led a company-wide emotional intelligence program for a global container handling business who, as a result, realised an 86% decrease in lost-time injuries and gave a 100% participant recommendation for future use of the program. 

I have just released my first book, “How to be a BADASS: Navigating Your Road to Self-Mastery”. In this book, I share my BADASS framework for self-mastery and demonstrate how you can apply these principles in your personal and professional life every day to get the results you want consistently, increase your courage and confidence, deepen your authenticity, take more purposeful action, lead more effectively, and manifest love and respect for yourself at all times. 




I have the courage to show up, to speak up, to ask questions, to honour fear and lean into discomfort, and always take the next right action.



I persevere no matter what. I thank adversity and challenges for giving me incentive to sharpen my sword and remain steadfast and resilient.



I am honest, authentic, and consistent in everything I do. My head, heart and hands act in alignment.



Above all, I believe that laughter is the best medicine and frequent doses enhance performance, inspire creativity, promote wellbeing, and ignite connection.


Tom Holyman

Vice President Oceania, Kalmar Equipment

Nikki was outstanding. She is an open communicator, asks open and insightful questions, manages the pace of the content delivery beautifully, and is clearly knowledgeable about emotional intelligence. We were lucky to have her!