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"I had the pleasure of witnessing Nikki give a keynote presentation to our Genos Practitioner Network at the Genos global conference last year. Hands down, it was one of the best sessions I've ever seen. Nikki was presenting the results of a case study on an EI development program that got outstanding results - largely due to her excellent management and execution. During the session, I remember sitting in awe of her content, presentation, delivery and case study results of her work. Many shared they had goosebumps seeing the impact her project had on the lives of those involved. Her delivery was entertaining, engaging, insightful and so well delivered. Her PPT deck was incredible. I would hire/consult with Nikki for a wide variety of things, but especially keynote delivery and consulting. I hope I have the pleasure to see her speak again."

Aoife Gorey

Director of Operations and Brand Manager

Genos Europe

"The best leaders understand that human emotions cannot be unplugged, nor should they ever be.  No matter where emotions fall on the spectrum, Nikki Langman masterfully explains how leaders can harness emotions to gain a competitive edge while boosting  profit, engagement, trust, and effectiveness among employees and stakeholders. 

Her depth of knowledge on the subjects of emotional intelligence, leadership, business/client relationships, and human behaviour allow her to frame complex ideas into practical actions and solutions.  Known by her followers for being authentic and humorous, Nikki is a true creative thinker and will open doors for executive leaders who wish to raise their team’s collective performance and ultimately, their sense of accomplishment and satisfaction."

Dave Stefanides 
Chief Executive Officer 

"Nikki was outstanding. She is an open communicator, asks open and insightful questions, manages the pace of the content delivery beautifully, and is clearly knowledgeable about emotional intelligence. We were lucky to have her!"

Tom Holyman
Vice President Oceania

Kalmar Equipment 


"Nikki made such a dent in our thinking with her presentation at the Genos International Conference in Hawai’i. She knocked our socks off and it will not be forgotten." 

Carrie Benedet

Leadership Coach
Global Educators and Emotional Intelligence Specialist 

"Nikki showed genuine passion and enthusiasm throughout our emotional intelligence development program. She was able to link personal and professional insights into various elements and this was of great benefit."

Greg Steward 
National Safety Manager

Kalmar Equipment 


"Nikki’s presentation skills were evident. She kept everyone totally interested and focused throughout the program."

Neil Spivey

Managing Director 

HIAB Australia 

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