"How to be a BADASS: Navigating Your Road to Self-Mastery”. 

This book is about despair, shame, struggle, vulnerability, hope, grit, bravery, authenticity, purpose, and ultimately self-love.

It is my personal journey of how I freed myself from  decades of addiction, became an ultra endurance runner after the age of 40, and how I propelled myself to unimaginable heights in every area of my life and career using my BADASS framework and the fundamentals of emotional intelligence.


I share my BADASS framework with you and demonstrate how you can apply the same principles in your personal and professional life every day to get the results you want consistently, increase your courage and confidence, deepen your authenticity, take more purposeful action, lead more effectively, and manifest love and respect for yourself at all times. Above all, I hope it inspires you to be more alive and present and bring your biggest badass to everything you do.