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Keynote Speaking (physical & virtual environments) 
Custom-designed topics include:


  • The Future of Work: The Demand for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 

  • Why Self-Leadership is the #1 Skill You Need for 2022 and Beyond

  • How to Develop BADASS Resilience in Challenging Times 

  • Psychological Safety and the Health of Your Business Culture


Programs and Masterclasses 

Custom-designed programs and topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and Communication hybrid coaching and facilitation programs using Genos International feedback surveys and/or DISC ADVANCED® behaviour profiling assessments 

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ Workshops

  • Nonverbal Communication  

  • Mastering Presentation Skills 

  • Accuracy of Interpretation: When to Trust Your Gut

  • Rising Leaders Development Program 

Tom Holyman

Vice President Oceania, Kalmar Equipment

Nikki was outstanding. She is an open communicator, asks open and insightful questions, manages the pace of the content delivery beautifully, and is clearly knowledgeable about emotional intelligence. We were lucky to have her!  

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