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Four Easy Ways to Create a Calm Mind

Do you ever feel like your mind is constantly in overdrive? Like, you have a never-ending ticker-tape parade of thoughts about your to-do list, emails to respond to, upcoming obligations, and what to make for dinner. Our minds are constantly stressed and it doesn't make it easier when our devices are regularly pinging us with notifications. The next time you feel your brain needs a time out, try one of these four easy ways to create a calm mind.

1. Help Others

When was the last time you extended a helping hand to a friend, coworker, neighbour, or random stranger? Our brains tend to calm down when we’re in “helper mode” because we break the cycle of focusing on ourselves and our own stressors. A little bit of kindness goes a long way and pays huge emotional and mental dividends.

2. Get Creative

We all have a creative side, whether you tap into it often or it's buried somewhere in your rubble of time and experiences. Unleashing your creative juices gives your brain a nice, healthy break from its usual state of overdrive. Plus, it allows you to expand your intelligence with new forms of thinking. Pick up a puzzle, LEGO® bricks, or take those guitar lessons you've been dreaming about.

3. Care for your Physical Body

The mind and body need each other to operate optimally, so if you aren’t caring for your physical body, chances are your mind is suffering as well - even if you aren't aware of it. Make your physical health a priority and a daily habit. Go to the gym, take a walk, draw a bath, practise mindfulness, and sleep at least 7-8 hours - more if you can. There are lots of ways to energise your body and keep your mind fresh at the same time.

4. Connect with Others

Connecting with other people is essential to our human design; we need socialisation to thrive. It satisfies our innate human desire to be part of a group, tribe, or culture. Simple conversation and laughter will feed your mind in countless positive ways. Call a friend, go for a walk with a coworker, or catch up with a group for coffee or lunch in the park. It doesn’t have to be complicated; the goal is simple human connection.


Any of these four simple brain hacks will reward you, especially if you build them into your daily routine. For an even better recharging experience for busy people, see how many you can combine. Perhaps contact a friend who has been feeling low and invite them to try a pottery class with you or join a structured exercise group - like a running club or yoga studio. Making new connections and burning calories at the same time? Winning.

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